July 15, 2024

Ten Things to know about the Nevada Wolf [space] Pack

  1. The Wolf Pack are not a deep team, but the starters are very athletic. Reno lives and dies on the three ball, like most Mountain West teams, and will try to run when feeling confident.
  2. Marcus Marshall leads Reno in scoring with 19.8 ppg. He’s a transfer from Missouri State, and in his first season playing for the Wolfpack, has lead them in points behind the arc, is second in assists, and is kinda the heart of the team.
  3. All the media stuff calls them Nevada, but they’re really just Reno. Don’t let ‘em forget it.
  4. Defense isn’t this team’s strong suit, but they will definitely take advantage of a shooting slump to squeeze the life out of an opponent.
  5. Their fan base is either amazingly nice or the biggest barely literate, drunken jackasses you’ve ever encountered. Face to face you’ll probably be fine, but the internet will be a crapshoot if any of that fan base crawls out of the Twitter Woodwork. Have fun with the Reno lottery!
  6. Their mascot is a wolf named Alfie, who took over for his father Wolfie in 1999. Alfie was soon joined by his little brother Wolfie Jr. and sister Luna. Nobody is really sure why the mascot game needed to be expanded, but nepotism seems the most likely reason. It is Reno, after all.
  7. Nevada, Iowa and Reno, Nevada are, apparently, nothing alike.
  8. Reno is always scrappy, and doesn’t know when to quit. No lead is safe.
  9. The Wolf [space] Pack’s goal all season has been making the dance, but don’t assume they’re just happy to be there. Nothing makes Nevada happier than messing things up, especially for teams destined for greatness.
  10. F*CK RENO.

Remember, if you ever think about visiting the wonders of Nevada, never Reno. Always Vegas.

*Note: It only took about half an hour for me to get corrected, it is very definitely spelled Wolf [space] Pack and Reno’s illustrious fans would like you to remember that, please.

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