July 13, 2024

Betting the brackets – Sweet 16 & Elite 8

We’re down, but not out.

After putting together a 15-15-2 record in the first round, we fell below .500 at 7-9 in the second round. Madness ensued, and we were on the wrong end of it. Hopefully our luck turns as we head into the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 because we’re not going to give up betting every game.

I’m going to throw in some MLB win totals because I refuse to bet individual baseball games (for fear of boring you, although I most certainly will in real life). After the Final Four and National Championship, this column will go dormant until football season. I need to save up some money over the summer to proceed to lose it all again.

This is the life of a degenerate.

I could go back and analyze the results from the first two rounds, but honestly it’s a little depressing. Netting Minnesota to hedge against picking Middle Tennessee in my bracket was regrettable. Betting on Virginia to cover, which goes against every feeling I’ve ever had about Virginia was inexcusable, but outside of those two gaffes, I felt pretty good about our bets. Sure, I looked dumb with the Marquette and Miami outcomes, but Dayton and Bucknell evened things out there.

All in all, going 15-15-2 and losing $150 tells you everything you need to know about gambling. Then, all of the sudden you miss on a couple in the next round and a 7-9 record puts you down $440 pretty quickly. We’ve got time to make it all up, and it starts this week.

This Week’s Board

Sweet 16

  1. Wisconsin vs. Florida (-2) ($110 to win $100)
  2. Baylor (-3.5) vs. South Carolina ($110 to win $100)
  3. Gonzaga vs. West Virginia (+3) ($110 to win $100)
  4. Xavier (+7.5) vs. Arizona ($110 to win $100)
  5. Kansas (-4.5) vs. Purdue ($110 to win $100)
  6. Oregon (+1) vs. Michigan ($110 to win $100)
  7. North Carolina vs. Butler (+7) ($110 to win $100)
  8. UCLA vs. Kentucky (PK) ($110 to win $100)
  9. Oregon (+6.5) vs. Kansas ($110 to win $100)
  10. Xavier (+8) vs. Gonzaga ($110 to win $100)
  11. Kentucky vs. North Carolina (-3) ($110 to win $100)
  12. South Carolina vs. Florida (-3) ($110 to win $100)

MLB Win Totals

  1. Boston Red Sox (Over 92.5) ($100)
  2. Houston Astros (Over 91.5) ($100)
  3. Seattle Mariners (Under 85.5) ($100)
  4. Los Angeles Angels (Under 80.5) ($100)
  5. Baltimore Orioles (Over 79.5) ($100)

Elite 8

Check back for Elite 8 bets as the games progress.

The Disclaimer: Don’t actually play these bets. I’m a degenerate and I’m sure this column will be bankrupt in a few short weeks. Do not construe any of this as actual gambling advice. Your bets and your results are your responsibility, and neither I, nor TGS, bear any responsibility for your personal actions.

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