July 7, 2022

Well, Actually 2.04 – We got the receipts.

Welcome to Well, Actually.  Hosted by Tami Dooley and Nicole Gustafson a rotating panel of women will gather to discuss anything and everything that’s on their minds. From current events, to sports, to cultural issues, they will absolutely touch it all.

Tonight Nicole returns from the islands, and to celebrate, Kelby joins her and Tami in discussing everything awful in the last week about Baylor. Nicole also discusses the perils of vacationing while single, and they finish up with pup(and kitty)dates and some praise for the best SNL sketch in at least a generation.

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Tami Dooley 138 Articles

Tami is from Idaho. She's a fan of the Boise State Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, college football on the whole, and almost thought about becoming a baseball fan for a minute one time. Send whiskey.

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