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The Internet: Week In Review – 2/14/2017

Wow, what a week! We’ve had some good weather the last few days here in Iowa, which has allowed me to really feel guilty about just sitting inside and watching basketball and Friends on Netflix, but oh well. Here’s some interesting shit I’ve located on the internets, enjoy!

This dude is as pumped for thunder snow as I am when the Casey’s pizza delivery guy knocks on our door. We both get really jacked up for these things.

There’s one debate that still rages on, and that is who the greatest NBA player of all time is. As a fringe millennial (bad news I received last night during a podcast) I’ll always go with MJ. In my mind he’s the best ever, and please don’t @ me because I don’t care what you say (just kidding).

Photos like this make me question anything and everything we see on tv and the news these days. YOU CAN TRUST NOTHING! Haha.

Another, less publicized perspective of the pyramids of Egypt from pics

I can’t imagine this feels very good to do, but if it didn’t hurt I’d walk around all day with my eyes like that just to fuck with people.

Eye poppin’ good

This is your weekly “amazing scenery” photo. The West has some incredible views – no doubt about that.

Zion National Park, UT

This is a visual representation of how I feel on Sunday mornings after a Drunk Dialing – which you should subscribe to on iTunes and Stitcher (shameless plug).

This is how you start a fight

Not even sure if this is real or not, but it’s just an awesome freaking picture.

Space Needle in Seattle over clouds looks like the cloud city from Star Wars from pics

Look at this happy little horse running on the beach. If this was my horse, I would name him Danny Devito.

A minihorse goes for a run at the beach

When you realize you’ve said too much…

“How do you go to the bathroom in Space?” from space

Yeah, count me out on shit like this, no reason for this shit.


I mean if you deny this looks like a blast you’re lying, but your Amazon packages are going to be late…

Mailman doing donuts in the snow

These two look like best buds.

Posing for pictures

This is fine, everything is fine IRL.

Heater not working? no problem. from WTF

That a magnum?

Condom + coke and mentos from combinedgifs

I know for a fact that dude in the boat can’t hear a word of that conversation, not a chance.

Cell phone ad 1989

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