December 2, 2022

The Internet: Week In Review – 2/28/2017

Well it has been a great week basketball wise in my world, so here are some other entertaining “things” found this week on the world wide web.

This takes Jedi level hand-eye coordination. 10/10 would crash.

The more i watch drone racing, the more I miss Virtual World’s Red Planet..

Insane amount of galaxies and possible civilizations, incredible.

Over 10,000 galaxies depicted in Hubble’s Ultra-Deep Field, including a galaxy formed only 450 million years after the Big Bang from space

When and if you needed a reminder of how small we are in the grand scheme of things….

Mass of a supermassive black hole

War can be an ugly, low down gruesome deal, but this is fucking awesome! ‘Merica

Real life GTA: ISIS suicide bomber hits IED. Car is launched into the air. Suicide bomber detonates himself in mid air.

If it involves Chuck Fucking Norris it will always be gold. Sniper Chuck is badass.

Perfect execution, I have nothing to add to this masterpiece.

I swear every week I find motorcycle wreck footage of the rider getting up and walking away, this had to hurt.

I’m Done With Bikes from WTF

GIFS are great, merged GIFS are super duper great.

Tobogganing Down Sand Dunes

Animals are getting smarter man. It’s a fact!

Wtf is my human trying to do now?

Had someone send me footage of a young Ted Flint from his younger days, that does not look like juice to me.

A pint drinking baby from a 1997 documentary about rural Ireland

And your weekly dog GIF.

Photogenic doggo.

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