July 15, 2024

The Internet: Week In Review – 1/31/2017

Where should I begin this week? It’s been a pretty boring week on twitter dot com, so you’ll see most of these are from another platform, where people still have fun on occasion.

So from the realm of “no hiding place is safe from snakes and spiders,” here’s a little nightmare fuel for you guys.

Python rising to tree top

Do we really need Florida attached to the rest of the country? LOL beautiful state though, I’m only kidding.

Florida from pics

This is just an incredible amount of talent, so cool.

graffiti on a corner.

This is every single person on planet earth, the song might be different but it’s the same scenario worldwide.

It’s In Your Head

I’ve got many, many questions, and I doubt they ever get answered. WHAAAT THHHEEE FUUUUCK?

French Celebrities Igor And Grichka Bogdanoff Before And After Plastic Surgery from WTF

Drone GIFs are quickly becoming some of my favorites. Heads up, there’s a pumpkin coming through.

Pumpkin cannon takes out a drone

Why the hell did Teddy have to kill this poor animal? Wonder what it tasted like?

Teddy Roosevelt with a now-extinct Eurasian Giant Rhino from pics

This is either a very clever way to keep your beers cold while not wasting ice, or an extremely well thought out way of hiding your beer intake from the wife. Either way it’s pretty cool.

Proper Gardening Technique

Filed under the, “I’m going to hell for sharing this” section.

Can you feel the love tonight?

“Oh cool, a drone picture how neat. Just a little closer, just a little clo – Oh dear god.”

Family photography with a drone gone wrong

Well this isn’t going to work. How the hell do I get pissed after five hours of game play, flip the board over, and go away pissed off?

My cousin wood burned a Monopoly board onto a table from mildlyinteresting

Despite its 1,000 degree swing between daytime and nighttime temps, Mercury is visually stunning.

The clearest photo of Mercury ever taken

These Pinterest pallet projects have gotten waaaaay out of control people! We need to draw the line somewhere. Seriously, zoom in and look at this, it makes my palms sweat.

Stacking Palettes For The Worlds Biggest Bonfire In Norway from pics

Have a good week people.

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