June 4, 2023

TGS Presents: The Count Out 1.04 – Oh you didn’t know….

The Count Out 1.04 - Oh you didn't know....

TGS Presents is dedicated completely to the entertainment world. From Marvel to DC, to the small screen and silver screen, this podcast has you covered. A rotating panel of hosts will tackle currant entertainment topics like new movie/book releases, professional wrestling events, and major story lines coming out of Hollywood.


On this episode, we will be launching our inaugural edition of The Count Out which focuses the world of pro-wrestling. While the primary focus will be on WWE, we will also discuss the independent scene along with companies such as New Japan Pro Wrestling. Our rotating panel of hosts will break down, review and preview wrestling pay-per-view events and ongoing storylines. Our first podcast delves into the incredible year of wrestling that was 2016 and highlights our personal favorites matches. We also take a look at the upcoming Royal Rumble show which promises to be even more unpredictable and entertaining than ever.


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Tom spends his days crafting the fine art of the advertisements you see during those silly little breaks in the actual show you wanted to watch. You know, the commercials that you so effortlessly skip through on your DVR without a care in the world? That was him. Those annoying kiss and smile cams you see at sporting events? That was him too. Those are made right here in the good ‘ol USA, not some Vietnamese sweatshop. Tom only has time for one abusive sports relationship in his life, the Iowa State Cyclones. When not driving Ted Flint’s drunk ass around the streets of Des Moines, Tom enjoys growing manly beards, drinking cheap beer and expensive whiskey, boating, and crashing motorcycles. His spirit animal is WWE’s Kevin Owens.

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