July 15, 2024

ICBYHST: The Revenant

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So it took me quite a while to finally check out the Leonardo DiCaprio movie The Revenant. Allow me to clarify the following – this was a forced viewing (Ted Flint), so I could write this damn review, but whatever, here goes.

This “inspired by true events” movie won some pretty prestigious awards for several categories including Best Director, Best Actor and Best Cinematography. This is usually a good sign for me to stay away from a movie, as I typically dislike them and find myself wondering how and why they got those accolades. If you like wildly unbelievable western setting dramas, this is the film for you!

There has not been a movie character since AJ Frost in Armageddon to escape this many near death experiences. Despite being attacked by Indians, bears, humans, infections, cliffs, weather – oh, and trees! Well kind of.

After falling from a cliff while being chased on horseback, he somehow fell through a tree and lived. The horse did not, however. As unbelievable as that sounds you should see it with your own eyes. Without him pulling a “Han Solo/Luke Skywalker – sleep in a dead animal’s dismembered carcass” move, then the movie is probably over at that point. My only question is, do you really have to get naked to do it? Seems extreme to me.

I get it, movies aren’t meant to be realistic and factually correct. I’m just messing with you guy,s but seriously it had some great moments and if you love listening to Leo talk with a fucked up voice, while grunting and crawling through the wilderness, you may love this one. Even the best part of this movie doesn’t come without frustration. This would involve a huge spoiler so I won’t write about it, but believe me – you’ll know when you see it.

Overall it wasn’t a terrible movie and it had some pretty interesting parts so I’ll give it a 6.75/10 on my scale. That’s not too bad. However, this was not Leo’s best performance. Not anywhere near as good as his performance as Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street, but I was happy to see him finally get an award for his work.

Give Leo An Oscar

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