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Weekend Binge – 12/31/16

Welcome to the end of 2016! We made it everybody! It was a bit slower of a week here at TGS HQ as many of our contributors were on hiatus for the holidays, but what we lacked in quantity was certainly made up for in quality. Have a gander at what our team has put together over the last week.

The Outback Bowl: A Preview and More – Barry Grandgenett

The Iowa Hawkeyes are headed to Tampa Bay for the fifth time under Head Coach, Kirk Ferentz. Barry takes a look at what we can expect from the Hawks’ matchup with the Florida Gators.

Both Florida and the Hawks finished the 2016 regular season with 8-4 records. Iowa losing three of their four to much improved B1G opponents and the Gators losing three of their games to ranked teams. Having said that, it’s not that cut-and-dry.

The Internet: Week in Review – 12/18/16 – Jared Smith

Jared was hoping to take the weekend off, but the Internet just wouldn’t let him. In fact, the content this week was so good, it’s far and away been the best Week in Review to date.

WCGW if I dive off this dead tree from Whatcouldgowrong

POLLitically Incorrect – 12/28/16 – Tom Danielson

After an extremely slow week in college basketball, Tom takes this column in a different direction. What could be the fatal flaw of each ranked team as they head into conference play? Indiana turning the ball over 19 times against Nebrasketball already revealed one truth.

#16 Indiana Hoosiers (LW: 16) – Just stop turning it over. It’s not that hard. Turning it over more than 21% of the time is absolutely not the way to go on a deep run.

Senator Chuck Grassley owes the American Public an apology – and a refund – Kelby Wingert

Politics is always a divisive subject, and this time is no different. Kelby dives deep into the current opening on the United States Supreme Court and pulls no punches on the leader of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Chuck Grassley and the Senate have no place in deciding whether or not they support the President of the United States fulfilling a responsibility handed to him by the U.S. Constitution – an action, a verb. Chuck’s getting this confused with his place in deciding whether to support the justice nominee – a person, a noun.

Friday Degenerate Board – 12/30/16 – Tom Danielson

Last week wasn’t his best performance, but if one of the futures bets comes to fruition, it’ll be a positive week nonetheless. If you’re looking to make some picks and payoff some of that holiday overspending, our resident degenerate has some suggestions.

Any time you lose by the hook, you’re pissed. Especially when it involves the best team in the NBA. Warriors by 6.5 felt like such a slam dunk, yet they go out and beat the Pistons by 6. Sometimes Vegas just has your number.

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