July 13, 2024

Titanfall 2 Review

Prepare for Titan Fall

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For the past month I have been in a cave playing the hell out of this game. I figured it was about time to do a review on this, as this was one of our games listed as a holiday recommendation found here. let’s get started shall we.

Titanfall 2 picks up a solo campaign that its predecessor did not have. the first installment got criticized for not having any campaign whatsoever so the addition of the campaign was welcomed. Unfortunately, it is short lived. The campaign is not extensive, nor is it long. What little it does offer though is done well. Graphics and the overall atmosphere in some levels is absolutely immersive. You will know those levels when you see them. Take note and appreciate the great work it took in bringing those moments to life. Overall the solo campaign was never going to be the focal point for this franchise. Why would they spend time a resources for a campaign that the series is not revolved around? When you think about it like that, the campaign is sufficient enough. It’s enjoyable and will make you want more but it shouldn’t be the driving force for you purchasing this game.

Overall I give the campaign 3/5.

Here is where we get into the meat and potatoes of this franchise multiplayer. This franchise is odd to me, as I feel they could have done better. First off, the core gameplay is fantastic. For the most part, the game is well balanced among different characters, weapons and Titans (one of the Titans might be considered OP but not to a dominating standpoint.) Another aspect I have enjoyed is the leveling within the game. They have simplified it, yet they haven’t made it too easy to progress leveling your character. With an experience cap at 10 tokens per level, it’s easy to tell if you should play one more game to level up or not.  I have played countless hours so far and have been entertained for all of them.

The Attrition game type is still the best game type out there. I still get chills when I call down my Titan and climb into the cockpit. That being said, what could make this game transcend to legendary status are the small things. The game development polish if you will. When you boil it down, it simply comes to this. Titanfall 2 doesn’t do a whole lot, but what they do, they do exceedingly well. For example, all the levels are well designed, but there’s only a small handful of them. Execution animations, there are only five of them which you have to purchase. You can fight for different factions which is interesting. Voice lines become repetitive within the different factions you can fight for within the game. There’s Titans in campaign mode that aren’t available in multiplayer, so the Titan selection is limited as well. Customization of the Titan and the pilot are limited as well. I don’t know if they are looking to add more as DLC, or content you will have to pay for in the future, but small things like that make multiplayer become stale more quickly. Don’t get me wrong this game is fun as hell, but it’s frustrating because if they put a little bit more spit and shine to the series, it could become a must have for all gamers.

Overall I give the Multiplayer experience 4/5.

The quick review:

This game is fun, looks great, and plays extremely well. Unfortunately, it probably hasn’t done enough to separate itself from the same problems its predecessor had. Unless they have big changes coming with DLC down the pipeline then this game could get stale rather quickly. All these rankings I gave you don’t really mean a whole lot, as they aren’t really tangible. What I can give you though is what I would recommend spending on a game like this, because everyone needs to save money and there rarely is a game that is truly worth $60 out there.

My dollar recommendation for this game is $30.

If you find the game for around this price, consider making the purchase…and prepare for Titanfall.

This is Bravo Sierra-0224 signing out.

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