July 14, 2024

The Internet: Week In Review – 12/6/16

I’m back! It was a wild finish to the football season this year. I don’t mean, like “wildly successful,” but wild as in way to hungover the last six Sundays. So here you go with another week in review.

I don’t know what this is but I laughed my ass off so I hope you do too!

This is one of the most savage bicycle theft pranks I’ve ever seen. (probably the only one but still)

Why we didn’t have this last Christmas I will never know. I mean sometimes we need CJM during the holidays amiright?

Never would have guessed someone would write a whole book but here’s visual proof of it. I would advise calling ahead to your local library to make sure they have this before heading in to check it out.

This was a fantastic tweet from TGS member @danamelcher if you don’t follow her do yourself a favor and hit that follow button.

This combines my several of my favorite things. Steelers, CJM’s and great football plays.

If this works for anyone of you please DM me and let me know ok.

If Tiger show’s up to the Masters in a Honda Civic with a spoiler and a “VAPE IS LIFE” window sticker I won’t be surprised at all.

Well he’ll probably still win the Heisman so I guess it’s not all bad.

Just thought this was a really cool photo.

Spiraling clouds
by inpics

This dude either knocked over the world’s largest stack of dominoes or he’s still falling! Hope Nigel survived this fall.

I have a really great feeling about this young lady, she’s going to run a very successful business or be a governor someday. Bless her heart.


I’m not sure what this is referencing, but look how easily that mayo shoots out of there, incredible.

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