July 14, 2024

The Internet: Week in Review – 12/28/2016

I was going to take this week off, but after sitting here on vacation while a lot of you went back to work (hahahahahha), I honestly got bored and figured what the hell? Here’s some grade ‘A’ internet shit for y’all to enjoy!

Our first one is what appears to be some type of foreign parking or traffic control device? Either way its pretty efficient.

This was an incredible play. Any time a fat man gets a TD, it warms my heart.

This gif really….rocks bahahaha!

Mountain sheds a few stones

I always try to include a good dog tweet or something, and this is crazy good. The homework one…LOL!

Classic Indiana Jones reference here.


This almost got awkward, and by almost I mean it did.

I wish you guys had seen how much I laugh/cried at this. I don’t have any idea why, it’s just hilarious.

Trash panda panini

So fucking close to being epic.

WCGW if I dive off this dead tree from Whatcouldgowrong

LOL is all I’ve got for this one.

Greatest gift this year

Lady: Hey bear, how’s it going? What are you eating bear?
Bear: Bitch don’t lay hands on me! I ain’t had my coffee yet!

Meanwhile in Russia

Speaking of bears, holy shit! How terrifying would this be? The answer is a lot of terrifying. All the NOPES!

Shooting a bear doesn’t make you a badass. Feeding her while her cub humps your leg does. from pics

Last but not least RIP…

Rest In Peace Princess

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