July 22, 2024

The Internet: Week In Review – 12/20/2016

Well here we are kids, just five days from Christmas and I hope you’ve all been good! Here’s some of the cool shit I found on the internet this past week, enjoy.

Here’s this week’s obligatory amazing nighttime photo, pretty cool one here.

Green Meteor near Skyislands, India [1600×1200] from space

Ok so last week’s “nature pic” was of the Swedish winter scene with some uh um something extra but check this out! This actually looks like something fake they created for a movie, but I found it on the internet so it has to be real!

Lightning engulfs a volcanic eruption in Chile [1000×622][OS] by Francisco Negroni from EarthPorn

This tweet made me laugh quite a bit.

This tweet is absolute gold. Not much else to say on this one.

Wouldn’t be a week in review without the always clutch…3-1 series blown lead tweet.

I would still be more ashamed of the giant dick tattoo on my chest, but kermit drinking tea or whatever.

Kanye meeting with Trump, the meeting that shook the internet for several hours. Wait for it…

Really cool picture of Shaq with a replica of Robert Wadlow. He was 8’11” crazy.

Shaquille O’Neal next to a replica of the tallest man to have lived from pics

I don’t care if this is fake it’s hilarious.

For the people who DO NOT believe in the supernatural: An Infrared camera captures the exact moment when an evil spirit leaves the body from this Woman at the airport … Extremely Shocking !!! from gifs

Wow, really cool stuff. (Click link)

The last dirty window from gifs

I don’t think the password is password.

Try cracking his password. from gifs



MERRY CHRISTMAS from Charlie the venus flytrap!!! from gifs

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