July 22, 2024

TGS Pro Weekly 1.11: Lions, Vikings, Packers – Oh My!

This week’s edition of the TGS Pro Weekly podcast features Tami Dooley behind the glass as winter sickness season takes Ted as its first casualty.

This NFL-heavy episode, features conversation about Tyreek Hill and Ben Roethlisberger’s home/road splits. Fans don’t have to worry much about home/road splits with the Browns because they simply don’t win, but one team who isn’t as bad this year is the sneaky good Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Austin, AJ and Jared play a few rounds of their most popular segment “Who am I?” with the NFL before moving on to the NBA where Austin tests his cohost’s knowledge of NBA personnel with a few more rounds of “Who am I?”. They also took a look at the standings as the teams approach the quarter pole and discussed Russell Westbrook’s incredible run.

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Austin Narber
Austin Narber 18 Articles
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Narber is a 2011 graduate of Iowa State University who’s been blogging off and on since his college days. Formerly an editor for SB Nation’s Wide Right & Natty Lite and a current college basketball contributor for CycloneFanatic, he hones his craft these days writing whenever possible and co-hosting the TGS Pro Weekly podcast. Narber is a marketing agency brat by day, a beer fanatic by night and an analytics geek, well, all the time. He’s admittedly a hopeless Minnesota Vikings fan, a Boston sports nut and will take one unyielding belief all the way to his grave - computers are smarter than people.

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