July 25, 2021

The Internet: A few weeks in review

It’s a special Thanksgiving edition here, and I feel terrible about skipping last week. If you’ve ever spent the weekend in Lawrence, Kansas, then you understand why I needed the rest! Well I’m back for this short holiday week and hope you enjoy these winners from the internet.

First one up is the man who’s actually editing this shit show of an article. As much as I’m not a “stats guy” this one is impossible to argue with! I mean, IT’S SCIENCE PEOPLE!!!

Presented without comment.

This guy is freaking amazing! So cool when talented people go viral. Such a great video.

I don’t know what blunts are, but I think it’s related to the marijuana these darn kids are smokin’ now days, dang hippies!

I’m way behind on this new kermit internet trend but this is hilarious.

When you mix politics and CJM’S, two of everyone’s favorite subjects amiright?

What an upset it was.

Can’t imagine Texas is really going to drag the Chuck Strong firing out until the end of the regular season, but who the hell knows! Either way any UT CJM is a great CJM.

LMAO I missed this during the game. (drunk)

“I just think it’s funny how” LMAO

I’m really sorry for this. Not really, nobody is safe from the week in review!

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