July 14, 2024

RECAP: The Game of a Lifetime

101 Year Old Avon Burt reflects on her Wrigley Field World Series experience

The 7-2 result on the scoreboard wasn’t quite what 101-year-old Avon Burt had hoped for heading into Saturday’s game with the Cleveland Indians, but the experience she had at her first Cubs’ World Series game will remain with her and her family for generations. As we brought you last week, Avon and her daughter Andy attended Game Four of the 2016 World Series after 90+ years as a true blue Cubs fan.

The first special moment of their trip came as Avon and Andy were walking into the stadium. Being 101 years old can make handling crowds somewhat overwhelming while entering a stadium, let alone a World Series game. In the true spirit of service, Chicago Police stepped up and made Avon’s entrance into Wrigley Field even more special. With the help of 5 or 6 police officers, Avon was escorted into the ballpark and to her seats safely. While being interviewed by CBS Chicago prior to entering Wrigley Field, Avon was asked: “Do you think you’ll be the oldest fan in there tonight.” Avon responded: “I wouldn’t doubt it.”

Chicago Cops Escort 102-Year-Old Cubs Fan Into Wrigley
October 29, 2016 10:06 PM By Susanna Song CBS Chicago

CBS CHICAGO: Chicago Cops Escort 102-Year-Old Cubs Fan Into Wrigley

Following her well-deserved escort into the stadium, Avon and her daughter Andy found their seats within the friendly confines of Wrigley Field for the game, a moment the two of them had waited decades to see. While at the game, Avon and Andy were greeted by many fellow Cubs fans, including a man dressed as Harry Caray, as seen below. During the game, Avon and Andy saw many of the same Cub traditions they know and love about their beloved team, most notably seeing a fan in the bleachers throwing a Cleveland home run ball back on to the field.

Travis Halm | The Tailgate Society
Avon Burt (middle) and her daughter Andy (left) with a fan dressed as Harry Caray at the World Series
Avon Burt (middle) and her daughter Andy (left) with a fan dressed as Harry Caray at the World Series

Although the Cubs couldn’t pull out a victory for Avon Burt, she truly enjoyed and loved every moment of her World Series experience. “It was just awesome,” she remarked, “I just wish we could have seen a win!” Luckily for Avon, the Chicago Cubs won Game 5 on Sunday and are looking to take two games in Cleveland starting Tuesday to bring the team their first World Series championship since 1908.

“This whole experience is so great,” Avon’s daughter Andy stated. “This entire trip, long after Mom and I are gone, my family will still be telling the story of Avon’s World Series adventure.” She also added: “..and now with it archived in pictures, articles and videos, it will live forever.”

On behalf of all the contributors to TheTailgateSociety.com, we would like to extend our gratitude to Avon and Andy for sharing this experience with us and our readers. Although many sports stories are dictated mainly by wins and losses, it is these stories of loyalty, camaraderie, tradition and good old fashioned fun which make sports such a fun and meaningful part of our lives. Whether age 1 or 101, sports can often be the bridge spanning generations of family members and friends, and Avon Burt’s Chicago Cubs story is a glowing example of the joy sports bring to our everyday lives.

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