July 14, 2024

NFL Week 12 Preview – Thanksgiving Special

Gobble Gobble! Thanksgiving is here! Thanksgiving in our family means spending time together, watching football, and eating a lot of delicious food. It also means my 8-year-old step-son is out of school all week. He’s just learning the in’s and out’s of football and was ready to jump in and write this preview himself. I’ll let him pick for me this week. Here we go:


 Minnesota Vikings (6-4) at Detroit Lions (6-4)

The Vikings finally broke their 4-game losing streak on Sunday against the struggling Arizona Cardinals. The Lions squeaked out another win, too. The Lions have been winning and I’m not too sure how. Both offenses rank towards the bottom of the league – Minnesota being the absolute bottom.

Colton says: Vikings will win because Sam Bradford is really good and they got really good wide receivers like Kyle Rudolph and Stefon Diggs. I think they’ll call really good plays.

Janice says: Really good wide receivers?


 Winner: Vikings

Washington Redskins (6-3-1) at Dallas Cowboys (9-1)

Colton Says: I think the, um, I hope the Redskins win. Because they have a really good quarterback and really good players and they’ve been tough to beat in the last few games.

The god damn Cowboys keep figuring it out and that sucks because I am not a fan of the Cowboys. But for the sake of Thanksgiving, maybe the Redskins will actually come out on top and spoil the Cowboys NFC dominance.

Winner: Redskins


 Pittsburgh Steelers (5-5) at Indianapolis Colts (5-5)

And here we have the night game. Really? This is the night game? What did we all do to deserve this? I’ll be watching Christmas Vacation during this game (Thanksgiving tradition) and not giving any shits about what Andrew Luck is doing – which, this just in!


 Andrew Luck is undergoing concussion protocol. Scott Tolzien will start instead of Luck. So now Andrew Luck isn’t even playing. Can the NFL flex this game out? Let’s see what Colton has to say about this game:

“I think the Steelers are going to win because Antonio Brown and LeVeon Bell are awesome at plays. The Steelers also have a great quarterback, even though he gets injured too much.”


 Winner: Steelers

I’m going to mix things up a bit and preview a couple of the college games on Thursday and Friday.


LSU at Texas A&M, Thanksgiving night

Thank GOD we have another option for football Thursday night. That Steelers/Colts game will likely be outshined by two teams that have been over-ranked all season long. Colton is back for this one because he loves LSU (I don’t know why… zero ties to the school.)

Colton says: I hate to say, but I actually think Texas A&M, but I was thinking that LSU should win. If Leonard Fournette is back in that game he might give us a really good time and if their quarterback is good and they don’t have a fired coach like Les Miles then they could succeed. So. I’m thinking that LSU will win a game because I really don’t want them losing their whole season.


 Winner: LSU

#5 Washington at #23 Washington State

Washington State started the year off extremely rough. Like lost to an FCS team, rough. But they’ve rebounded and are playing extremely great football right now. The PAC12 North will come down to this game – the Apple Cup. Probably the best Apple Cup is years. Washington stumbled against USC, but still remains ranked in the top 10. If Jake Browning is on point, Wazzu will have some problems, especially with Myles Gaskin and John Ross.

Colton lost interest at this point and is now coloring. But he’s all in on Washington because he wants to continue to live under this roof.



#19 Boise State at Air Force

I don’t even know if it’s fair that I preview this game since I’m a Boise State alum. Brett Rypien drives me up a wall with his inconsistent play and our defense just keeps giving up. But they need to not give up because they’re facing the triple option this week at Air Force. The Broncos lost to Air Force last year and need some revenge. They also need to win out to still have any shot at a Mountain West Championship game, plus needing some help from New Mexico beating Wyoming. Please god let Wyoming slip up on the road. Please.



#16 Nebraska at Iowa

I live in Idaho, not Iowa, like some people commonly mistake them. Idaho is not Iowa. I’ve seen some Big 10 action this year, but not much of Iowa. Just that little upset they pulled. Also, is Nebraska good?


 I asked my buddies at TGS for some help and Jared Stansbury said that Nebraska and Iowa is the most heated forced rivalry in college football. First one to 20 wins. Great we’ll go with that.

Winner: You heard him – First one to 20 wins.  

Toledo at #21 Western Michigan

Western Michigan is the only team other than Alabama to be undefeated. But they haven’t played any team that you actually have ever heard of, so we’re unsure if it actually counts. Toledo is 9-2 and is the final chance to defeat the undefeated (and help Boise State out a bit). I haven’t watched a ton of MACtion this year, but all I know is that Western Michigan really isn’t THAT great or else they’d be ranked way higher than 21. Condoleezza Rice told me so.



I’ll be back with a full preview after the holiday before I dive into Gilmore Girls, but until then, don’t argue about Trump too much and enjoy some time off from work if you get it. From my little family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving and go football.


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