July 22, 2024

Crying Jordans: Week in review – 11/8/16

This will be our election day special (thank god it’s almost over) this might be a Cubs heavy week in review with their historic World Series title win, so here goes.

The first one up is simply amazing and with what Epstein has done in MLB and the amount of pressure he’s been under, a month long bender is well deserved.

This was 108 years in the making enjoy it Cubs fans.

I think the curse is officially over now, isn’t it?

OMG I totally missed this up until now hahaha.

This is one of the best/worst trust falls I have ever seen, whyyyyyy?

The rain delay was pretty annoying when it happened but it turned out to be a blessing for us all.

This is exactly how I felt as well haha..

Marshawn Lynch continues to enjoy his retirement and it’s glorious.

And here we have a football play representation of me trying to eat healthy.

I’m going to submit this with really no context or comment.

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