July 27, 2021

I’m not leaving my red state

November 30, 2016 Sarah Kelly Shannon 2

Consider this the opposite of a “Why I’m Leaving New York” thinkpiece. I’m a lifelong Democrat, born in Texas and raised in the notably liberal college town of Lawrence, Kansas. I’m pro-choice, pro-equality, a childhood […]

POLLitically Incorrect – 11/29/16

November 29, 2016 Tom Danielson 1

We’re starting a new weekly college basketball piece here at TGS headquarters. Everyone sees the AP Rankings on Mondays and everyone seems to have their weekly gripes and complaints about why this team is better […]

TGS Winter Fundraiser

November 29, 2016 Ted Flint 0

If you have been on Twitter today you may have noticed it is #GivingTuesday.  And what better day than today to unveil  the first ever TGS Winter Fundraiser. As most of you know last year, I […]

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