March 3, 2024

Would you recognize your doppelganger if the two of you met?

Well hello there folks. I’ve been trying to think of something “normal” to write about since most of my stuff has been, well…odd. So here we are again with a topic that has fascinated me from the moment my brothers and I saw my Mom’s doppelganger.

We were at a small county fair in southern Iowa one summer, as we quite often were back then. We were sitting there when this lady walks in one of the fairgrounds buildings, and sat down with what I assume was her family. She looked exactly – I mean exactly like my Mom. They had different body types and obviously were not wearing the same clothing, so we knew it wasn’t her. However, we could not quit staring at that poor lady!

My Mom wasn’t there that day so she had no clue why we were looking at her, and she probably thought we were making fun of her about something. It was the strangest thing because it brings all of these weird scenarios to mind. “Did our grandpa have a secret family we didn’t know about?” – very unlikely. “Do people who know my Mom and see this lady, mistake her for my Mom?” – we’ll never know for sure I guess.

Have you ever ran into your doppelganger? I really can’t recall ever seeing anyone who I thought looked enough like me to consider them my doppelganger – well besides Leonardo DiCaprio, but I haven’t met him in person yet so that doesn’t count.

Once we were at an Italian chain restaurant with a small group for dinner, and the people we were with said I looked exactly like the bartender -I didn’t see it. Now, there’s a whole bunch of math and really scientific rigmarole out there that tells us that it’s highly unlikely that we have an “exact twin”, which I would believe to be true. But do I believe that there are people that look enough like you that you could easily mistake the two? I absolutely buy into that theory.

In fact, my wife and her closest childhood friend get confused each other all the time. People will say things like “Hey, I saw you at the store the other day and you walked right by me!” Nope, that was her friend. They don’t think they look all that much alike, but with as many people as there are that confuse the two, maybe they’re onto something.

Some theories claim that you wouldn’t actually recognize your doppelganger because you have never actually seen yourself as others see you. You’ve only seen your reflection in a mirror, which does not look to you as what others see when they look at you. So what’s the verdict? Are doppelgangers a real thing? Have you seen your doppelganger? Did you get a pic with them? Let us know. Play that beautiful exit music fellas. (X-Files theme plays)

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