July 22, 2024

Crying Jordans: Week in review – 10/4/2016

It’s been a long Monday here at CJM headquarters so let’s just get on with this.

Andy Reid hasn’t cried since he lost that punt, pass, and kick competition back in the ’70s. Well until this…

Well, well. Look what we have here.

Cam, sometimes, just makes it too easy with that towel on the sidelines.

Well this one hurts just a little bit, not going to lie.

Ummmmmm this is top 10. I don’t care what you say.

When you get shutout, you get CJM’ed.

What is going on in East Lansing? Didn’t think we’d see them this much this season.

This is going in here. Just pretend it has a CJM in the background somewhere. Don’t you dare @ me.

Here you go Tom and Ted bahahaha.

I don’t get the JJ Watt hate at all, but this is great.

This tweet was deleted because they ended up winning, but here it is anyway.


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