June 4, 2023

Crying Jordans: Week in review – 10/11/16

So we’re currently through half of the college football season (gasp) and these just keep getting better and better. Please enjoy this week review. Also don’t @ me for the non CJM at the end, it’s fantastic though.

Someone’s luck ran out this past weekend.

A savage attack on the state of Florida….

I’ll always include Texas CJM’s, keep them coming.

Oh boy, here’s another one.

“it must of been looooovvveee but it’s over nowwwwww” Houston you had it all, but not now.

My Steelers are responsible for this.

These next two are so legit.

“Crying Jordans make me laugh” (Nationwide jingle voice)

This is fucking gold!

So this has nothing to do with politics, this is just that great of a video.

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