June 12, 2024

The search for Bigfoot continues

It's real, and you may run into it someday...

This topic may not be for everyone and I know it’s a fringe subject that has its skeptics. However, I’m here to try to convince you wonderful people why you should at least keep an open mind about it. That’s right, I’m here to talk about Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Wood Apes, Boogers, Yeti, Forest Giant, Grass Man, Orang Pendek and whatever else they have been called over the centuries. Yes, I said centuries! This is not a new cryptid by any stretch. Native tribes have stories stretching back hundreds if not thousands of years.

I remember seeing the movie King Kong starring Jeff Lebowski Bridges as a kid (loved that movie by the way). That movie sparked my interest in science fiction films, which in turn led me into the cryptid realm of books, movies, and anything that involved the unknown. So of course I read any and every thing I can find on Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster. and werewolves. I promise there will be later articles on those subjects (I know you can’t wait to read them).

The first and probably best visual evidence I saw for the existence of the Sasquatch was the famous Patterson-Gimlin film. Now there has been tons of criticism of this film as you can probably imagine. The analysis in that video is one of the best I’ve come across. Just a warning to anyone that’s really new to this subject–the amount of hoaxing and just total bullshit that people put out just to mock the subject is staggering. You really have to sort through the garbage that’s out there.

I would also like to talk about the show “Finding Bigfoot”. I know it’s easy to brush this subject off as, well, “total bullshit”, and this show doesn’t do much to help in that regard. Keep in mind, it’s a television show and heavily edited. I’m not here to badmouth “Finding Bigfoot” or people on it. The people involved with the show have said themselves that they do things on the show they don’t always agree with, and they know well before they go out into the field that they won’t actually find Bigfoot. It’s a decent show but it’s for entertainment purposes only.

One of my favorite things on the subject is the weekly podcast done by Wes Germer at Sasquatch Chronicles. They have eye witnesses on to discuss their encounters. This is an incredible resource for keeping up with what’s going on with all things Sasquatch. They do a fantastic job, I can’t recommend it enough.

A big factor for me really believing in this subject is the wide variety of witness accounts. The locations for sightings are basically spread across the USA. There are very large concentrations as seen on the map.

Looking through the BFRO website at Iowa sightings is really cool, there is one probably 10 miles from my house. It’s a great resource for looking into this subject. Keep in mind that anyone can make a report so that doesn’t make it 100% true, but interesting none the less.

Estimates on the population of Sasquatch across the US and Canada varies widely from 2,000 to 6,000 according to some “experts”. I personally think that there’s many more, but that’s just my opinion. The main reasons I believe they exist is the video evidence, along with the wide variety of people who have encountered this creature. There are basically witnesses from every walk of life: poor, rich, lawyers, doctors, teachers, farmers, hillbilly, yuppies, fisherman, hunters, you name it.

A big question that skeptics have for this topic is the “why hasn’t one been captured yet” question. It’s a valid point, but I believe this can be explained with some of the behaviors that people have witnessed over the years. Some accounts from witnesses state that they help their old or wounded to escape, which is a very humanlike trait. This differs from most other species in nature who employ the “don’t be the slowest one” approach. I mean, have you ever seen wolves attack a bunch of buffalo or lions attack a herd of wildebeest? They aren’t coming back for the injured 99% of the time. Another factor for the lack of body or captured Sasquatch is the vastness of the areas where we think they live. Some people just don’t realize the size of the forested areas in the lower 48 States, not to mention the areas of Canada where they have been seen. Recent estimates put it as 36% or 747 million acres of forest in the USA alone. That’s a lot of hiding spots.

Now there are many theories as to what Bigfoot or Sasquatch really are. Aliens, ancient people who never evolved, and Gigantopithecus to name a few. Here’s what I think they really are, and this may be the most uninteresting take on the subject you will probably ever hear. I think they are some type of primate, and I really lean towards them being some type of gorilla that has somehow made its way to the North American continent from either Africa or the Asian land bridge thousands of years ago. I’m assuming that most of you have been to a zoo and witnessed a gorilla up close. If not I highly recommend you make your way to one. They are very cool to watch and just a mystical animal, I could watch them for hours. Anyway, hear me out on this. Let’s say you’re out in the forest either hiking or fishing or making your way to a special hunting spot, and boom, a damn gorilla takes off running in the distance! Now two things will go through your mind: 1. What in the actual fuck was that? 2. That can’t be a gorilla running on two legs!

There are actually several species of apes that can and will walk on two legs. I think this could be something these apes have evolved into over the years as a way to easily move through brush and timber. I don’t know for sure, just a theory. Now, if you saw a gorilla out of its cage in the wild I guarantee you would guess the size and height wrong every time. Even more so when you may have only seen it running the opposite direction and with your brain trying to process a crap ton of information in a very short amount of time Gorilla Speed . I always think back to the moment when you have a fish on the line and it’s just under the water and it looks like a 7 lb monster, then you get it in your hands and it’s a 2 lb throwback fish. It’s very easy to over-exaggerate the size of things (right guys?). Male gorillas can grow to six ft and weigh as much as four-hundred pounds. That’s huge (insert that’s what she said comment). If you saw something that large take off running at a high speed when not expecting it, saying you saw a 7 ft creature in the forest wouldn’t be that far off.

So basically my thinking is that people are seeing some type of undocumented North American Wood Ape. Not an alien or extra-dimensional being, but a flesh and blood undiscovered ape. When you sift through all the bullshit hoaxes and ridiculous claims people make for attention and possible monetary gain I don’t think this theory is that strange at all. There have been recently discovered apes within the last 100 years. The first gorilla specimens were brought back to the UK in 1861. Also the Bili ape wasn’t seen until 2003. Discoveries like this still leave the door open for Sasquatch to be discovered and documented by the scientific community, but until then I think it’s safe to assume the topic will continue to be mocked and it’s witnesses labeled as “crazies” until they are documented by science.

Crazy Jared out.

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