November 29, 2021

Talk Nerdy To Me: We Got Game

May 16, 2017 Shaun Curran 2

Greetings friends and closet nerds, welcome back to another edition of Talk Nerdy to Me – your go-to source for unfiltered opinions on comics, news, video games, trailers, and all of the down and dirty […]

Rocket League review

December 21, 2016 Brett Stiles 0

Rocket League came out in July 2015 and since then has grown into a large cult following. So much now, that there are now major cash tournaments and professional leagues dedicated to the game. For […]

2016 Holiday Game Guide – Part 1

October 26, 2016 AJ Speck 1

It’s a good time to be a gamer. While the buzz in the gaming community is currently surrounding the wildly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2, there are plenty of games that have released or will […]