January 23, 2018

Finding balance with trash

February 8, 2017 Kelby Wingert 0

I like trash and that’s OK. Not the dinner leftovers and scraps of paper you throw into the garbage can, but the trashiest examples of popular culture. The things we sometimes call our “guilty pleasures.” […]

America The WTF

January 30, 2017 Tami Dooley 1

There are many things I do not know. The details of many professions escape me. I cannot perform surgery. You wouldn’t want me representing you in court or congress or in a sales negotiation. I […]

The Oregon Standoff – One year(ish) later

December 12, 2016 Tami Dooley 1

Patriotism or Opportunity? They rolled in to Burns, Oregon drunk on diesel exhaust, scripture, and patriotism, after weeks of calling the sheriff’s office on behalf of Dwight and Steven Hammond. Due to federal mandatory sentencing […]

I’m not leaving my red state

November 30, 2016 Sarah Kelly Shannon 2

Consider this the opposite of a “Why I’m Leaving New York” thinkpiece. I’m a lifelong Democrat, born in Texas and raised in the notably liberal college town of Lawrence, Kansas. I’m pro-choice, pro-equality, a childhood […]

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