July 19, 2018

Shop Talk 1.04: Round Robin

February 8, 2017 AJ Speck 0

TGS Presents Shop Talk your weekly home for the latest news in movies, games and events from the world of comics, video-games, anime and so much more, ENJOY! On this episode AJ and friends tackle […]

ICBYHST: Stand by Me

February 6, 2017 Dana Melcher 0

The leech scene. That’s what piqued my interest and got me to watch Stand by Me last week, along with the fact that Ted threatened me with fire when he found out I had never […]


February 2, 2017 Ted Flint 0

In this installment of ICBYHST (I can’t believe you haven’t seen that!) I have been tasked with watching the movie Friday, after I made the remarking that I had never seen it on a podcast. I […]

Titanic: Not My Love Story

January 5, 2017 Nicole Gustafson 0

At this time 19 years ago, “Titanic” was blowing up the box office. Now the ’90s produced a lot of wonderful things, including me, but this is not one of them. Not even “My Heart […]

Manic Pixar Nightmares

September 30, 2016 Ted Flint 0

Since I was young, I have loved the Pixar films. I make an effort to see every new film in theaters. I didn’t make it to Finding Dory, but that will be fixed as soon […]

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