June 21, 2024

Mount Rushmore: Movie Plot Twists

July 5, 2022 J.T. Nutt 0

I was thinking about  M Night Shyamalan the other day. I freaking LOVED the Sixth Sense, enjoyed Signs, but HATED the Village. But that got me to thinking about plot twists and how many movies […]

Remake or Revere: Monsters Inc.

November 8, 2021 Ted Flint 0

Here on Remake or Revere, we are tasked with watching the movie that was number one on the box office 20 years ago this week. Well, the first week in November 2001 a little movie […]

What’s the Deal With Dune?

November 2, 2021 Jamie Steyer 0

The second attempt at a Dune film has been, by pretty much all metrics, a resounding success. While the original 1984 version has something of a cult following (doesn’t everything Kyle MacLachlan makes?), this year’s […]

Remake or Revere: From Hell

October 25, 2021 Aaron Wall 0

In this latest edition of Remake or Revere, we will be looking at the #1 movie from October 21, 2001 weekend. This cinematic thriller, starring Johnny Depp, as Detective Fredrick Abberline, and Heather Graham, as […]

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