May 21, 2018

Glamorous gardening

May 22, 2017 Dana Melcher 0

“It sounds like you need a hobby.” Those were the words of wisdom from a coworker upon hearing that my version of ~*adulthood*~ entails of working 8-5, then going home to lie in bed, eat […]

Summer Soapbox: Volume 1

May 19, 2017 Tyler Gross 0

People look forward to the summer for many reasons: the freedom to actually venture outside, grilling, deck beers, etc. It is all wonderful, but people still have needs, content needs. We all want to consume the […]

Getting dressed up

May 5, 2017 Dana Melcher 1

Many are familiar with the year of transition that comes after graduating college. Jobs, surroundings and friends change. What I’ve experienced most is that hobbies change. My free time used to be filled with Netflix […]

Lost in the sauce

October 6, 2016 Brandon James 0

In Texas, there’s a 13th commandment: Thou shalt not smother a well cooked piece of meat in sauce. For a majority of my life, I fell victim to believing this rule of thumb. If you cook […]

BATTLEDOME: Condiments

September 28, 2016 Tom Danielson 0

After solving the best burrito crisis, the Tailgate Society team decided it was time for another endeavor – condiments. How do you dress your hamburgers and hotdogs? All the hot takes like #AllCondimentsMatter and ranch […]

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