May 27, 2020

Pandemic Puzzles

May 13, 2020 Nicole Gustafson 0

My greatest source of comfort during the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t been a streaming service or a pair of sweatpants, but a book of 317 “expert” level Sudoku puzzles. I took it from my college boyfriend […]

The Noose, the Stool, and COVID-19

April 24, 2020 Jon Crosbie 0

This is the first of several articles about COVID-19 and related topics by Dr. Jon Crosbie, an ISU alum, sports fanatic and all-around awesome Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. I’d like to write something deadly serious. […]

Dinner and a Movie with the Moons

April 17, 2020 Ryan Moon 0

Listen, this wasn’t my favorite movie. But given the current state of *gestures to everything* there’s something to be said for watching a movie that makes you think, “Hey, at least I’m not literally getting swallowed by the Earth!” […]

No One is Okay

April 7, 2020 Tami Dooley 0

Covid-19 has forced a new kind of existence on pretty much the entire planet. It’s easy to see online. Every third post is a plea from one person speaking for [group], sounding the alarm about […]