April 23, 2018

NFL week 5 preview

October 6, 2016 Tom Danielson 0

I’m not going to come here today pretending to be as knowledgeable and informed on the NFL as our resident expert, Janice. The truth of the matter is she’s on a BYE this week, so I […]

#TBT: 2012 NL Wild Card Game

October 6, 2016 Travis Halm 0

The following is a look back at the 2012 NL Wild Card Game between the St Louis Cardinals and the Atlanta Braves and its infamous infield fly rule. As you can see, the ball reached […]

Rewriting history

October 5, 2016 AJ Speck 0

The Chicago Cubs have won the National League Central and will be heading to the playoffs as the NL’s top seed. The Cubs were dominant throughout the year, clinching their playoff spot with over two […]

The end of Snyder?

October 5, 2016 Charles May 0

Everyone has that moment. That moment when you fall in love with someone or something. For K-State football, that moment for me was the 1995 Sunflower Showdown. I had just turned nine at the time, […]

NFL week 4 preview

September 29, 2016 Janice Morin 0

Only the Patriots, Ravens, Broncos, and Vikings are undefeated. Just like we all predicted they would be. The Patriots can win with anyone on their team. Literally anyone. Other than that, the NFL feels like […]

I believe

September 28, 2016 Ted Flint 1

I remember a smoke filled apartment, with the Cubs play-by- play in the background visiting my great grandma. Let me tell you about my great grandma. She ran away and joined the circus as a […]

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