August 23, 2017


August 23, 2017 Tami Dooley 0

Good day, friends and football fanatics and welcome to TGS ULTIMATE TAILGATE ROADTRIP! Thank you for joining us on the seventh stop in a recurring series of articles brought to you by various writers and […]

Snyder’s Top Ten wins: #10

August 23, 2017 Jake Ohlde 0

With a fair amount of static that this could be The Legend’s final season, I felt it appropriate to take a look at what I feel are the 10 biggest wins between both of his […]

How to create a new rivalry

August 22, 2017 Travis Halm 0

Over the last decade in college athletics, numerous shifts in the landscape have caused a much different college football world in which we now live. As a result of this shift, many teams now play […]

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