June 23, 2018

The Mount Rushmore of TV dads

June 20, 2017 Kelby Wingert 1

In honor of Father’s Day and Mount Rushmore Week, I thought I’d lay out the Mount Rushmore of TV Dads for y’all. First, of course, is Tony Micelli from “Who’s the Boss?” Tony, a retired […]

DIY Cornhole Boards

June 1, 2017 Kings Cowboy Hat 1

Here at the Tailgate Society we talk about a lot of things. We talk sports, we talk entertainment, we talk politics, and so on. But the one thing we don’t talk much about is tailgating […]

Top Gun 2: Casting Call

May 25, 2017 Ted Flint 0

On May 23, Variety reported that Tom Cruise had officially signed on for a sequel to his 1986 smash hit “Top Gun”. We live in a world where sequels and reboots are getting made for all […]

Glamorous gardening

May 22, 2017 Dana Melcher 0

“It sounds like you need a hobby.” Those were the words of wisdom from a coworker upon hearing that my version of ~*adulthood*~ entails of working 8-5, then going home to lie in bed, eat […]

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