January 23, 2018

Bachelor in Paradise Finale Recap

September 12, 2017 Jason Mitchell 0

Although I’ve only been recapping things here at The Tailgate Society for a couple of short weeks, Monday night marked the end of this summer’s version of Bachelor in Paradise.  What does that mean, exactly? […]

The best scene in each X-Men film

August 25, 2017 Arnold Woods 0

Take a look at the list of highest grossing movies this century and you may notice a trend. Today the “superhero film” stands as the modern Hollywood standard for go-to blockbuster. It can be argued […]

ICBYHST: Memento

August 21, 2017 Dana Melcher 1

ICBYHST: Or I can’t believe you haven’t seen that is a phrase you often hear in this day and age of tv and movies. There is just so much going on or it was made […]

Approaching Thirty-Five

August 7, 2017 Tami Dooley 0

Aging is terrifying. I was pissed about turning 25, and that was way before stuff started to actually hurt. Now, sometimes, the ache sets in – that mythical payback for the years of abuse I […]

Talk Nerdy to Me: GoT Real Estate

July 7, 2017 Shaun Curran 0

Greetings friends & closet nerds, welcome back to another edition of Talk Nerdy to Me – your go-to source for unfiltered opinions, on comics, news, video games, trailers and all the down and dirty about […]

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