February 18, 2018

Star Wars: A Ranking

December 28, 2017 Jake Ohlde 0

The Last Jedi was released just under two weeks ago, and you’d be hard pressed to find a hotter topic in pop culture at the moment.

The Best Books of 2017

December 13, 2017 Jason Mitchell 0

One of the best parts of quitting my job to be a stay-at-home dad is that I now have time to read for pleasure.  As an English teacher, I’d get to read plenty, but it […]

Women of the range are tough

November 2, 2017 Tami Dooley 0

All of my life, I have looked up to women who worked their tails off and created a livelihood out of nothing. Who worked as a team with their families to scratch an existence out […]

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