May 30, 2023

Mount Rushmore: Movie Plot Twists

July 5, 2022 J.T. Nutt 0

I was thinking about  M Night Shyamalan the other day. I freaking LOVED the Sixth Sense, enjoyed Signs, but HATED the Village. But that got me to thinking about plot twists and how many movies […]

Hollywood, do better

June 15, 2022 Ted Flint 0

Hollywood anymore is all about pre-existing intellectual property. Which sucks as a movie goer and a dad of boys who love movies because they won’t get to discover anything that isn’t already in their lives. […]

Unskippable TV Intros

June 9, 2022 Ryan Moon 0

We watch a ton of TV in the Moon household, and if we’re lucky, we’ll come across an intro sequence that doesn’t make us want to immediately hit “skip” during a binge session. Whether it’s […]

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