May 24, 2022

Wedding or Worst Day Ever?

February 25, 2022 Nicole Gustafson 0

Season two of the hit Netflix dating series “Love is Blind” has certainly kept viewers on their toes. Over the last two weeks there were love triangles, stupid fights, skeptical family members, and lots of […]

Remake or Revere: Monsters Inc.

November 8, 2021 Ted Flint 0

Here on Remake or Revere, we are tasked with watching the movie that was number one on the box office 20 years ago this week. Well, the first week in November 2001 a little movie […]

What’s the Deal With Dune?

November 2, 2021 Jamie Steyer 0

The second attempt at a Dune film has been, by pretty much all metrics, a resounding success. While the original 1984 version has something of a cult following (doesn’t everything Kyle MacLachlan makes?), this year’s […]

Remake or Revere: K-PAX

November 1, 2021 Ted Flint 0

With an estimated budget of $68 million K-PAX managed to sit atop the box office this week 20 years ago while only earning back $65 million in total. While I had never seen this movie […]

Remake or Revere: From Hell

October 25, 2021 Aaron Wall 0

In this latest edition of Remake or Revere, we will be looking at the #1 movie from October 21, 2001 weekend. This cinematic thriller, starring Johnny Depp, as Detective Fredrick Abberline, and Heather Graham, as […]

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