May 21, 2018

Best I Ever Had: Pizza

May 8, 2018 Jason Mitchell 0

Let’s start with this: Pizza is damn delicious and worthy of all the praise possible. Thus, for the the second installment of Best I Ever Had, it only made sense to celebrate the pizza in […]

Not Feelin’ Pretty

May 7, 2018 Emily Cornell 0

I Feel Pretty has been out a few weeks now, so I don’t feel like I’ll be spoiling much (not that I would be in general, it’s a fairly basic movie).

Binge ‘On My Block’ ASAP

April 10, 2018 Emily Cornell 0

If you haven’t watched On My Block, you’re missing out. Hopefully, I can convince you to drop everything and go watch it. Then go tell your friends to watch it. Every once in a while I […]

The Year in Books So Far

March 14, 2018 Jason Mitchell 0

Spring is a great time for the world of books. All the self-proclaimed “Best New Books” of 2018 have been ushered onto shelves in the post-Christmas push, and there’s hopeful anticipation for the books that […]

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