June 25, 2018
Tyler Gross
Staff Writer

Tyler studies Marketing at the prestigious Peru State College in Nebraska. He is a suffering Chicago Bears fan and a self-proclaimed college football and hoops purist. So much so that his girlfriend despises him from September to March. You can find Tyler binge-watching shows, cheering on his Cyclones, or reluctantly doing his laundry out of necessity. He cannot be convinced that True Detective's first season was not a masterpiece. Tyler will primarily review movies for TGS, but wouldn't rule out writing about college football, as well.

Summer Soapbox: Volume 1

May 19, 2017 Tyler Gross 0

People look forward to the summer for many reasons: the freedom to actually venture outside, grilling, deck beers, etc. It is all wonderful, but people still have needs, content needs. We all want to consume the […]

Logan Transcends its Genre

March 21, 2017 Tyler Gross 0

Logan may indeed be the best film in the Wolverine/X-Men franchise, but I could not write that with certainty because I did not care to see many of the others. I am by no means […]