June 25, 2024
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Sometimes, we all need a little privacy. Even people who overshare online.

I’m alone and that is ok.

December 26, 2022 TGS Burner 0

I’m in my 40s and single. I’ve been single, except for a couple of relationships in my early 20s. Since then it’s been a couple of flings here or there. One time there was a […]

Brotherly Love and Basketball

January 26, 2020 TGS Burner 0

My brother Brad wasn’t always my best friend. Growing up, as the two in the middle of the Four Downs Boys, we never really had much in common. He was always cool, I never was. […]

The need to Support Local Media

January 14, 2020 TGS Burner 0

Although Des Moines is ranked as media market #93 to the folks at iHeartMedia, this community is Market #1 to hundreds of thousands of folks, and an important (and fun!) aspect of our lives is missing today. […]

Hallowed Ground

July 19, 2018 TGS Burner 0

On Wednesday, the University of Nebraska announced that Ron Brown would be named the new director of player development for the Nebraska Football Program. Brown previously coached at Liberty University, and returns to Nebraska after […]

Safety or privacy?

May 11, 2018 TGS Burner 0

Before I get into last night’s happenings, I’d like to acknowledge that this is a fairly trivial story and there are much more pressing police issues in our current environment.