November 18, 2019
Levi Denny
Staff Writer

After winning his first wager at the Waterloo Greyhound Park and finding out it was possible to turn $2 into $18 Levi began making it his life pursuit to turn his passion for all things sporting into found money. Following many years of failing at this endeavor (over and over again) he learned how to be a smarter bettor and enjoys sharing his picks and tips. Levi is married to a woman who enjoys hearing him yell at the people on TV for both their triumphs and grievous errors, a father of two, adopted by a yellow lab from the ARL, and a lover of fine Jameson whiskey and Busch Light.

Bigger Than Sports

October 30, 2019 Levi Denny 0

A note from Ted When I started this website I wanted to give a place for the voiceless. When people say to “stick to sports,” what they are doing is attempting to take away the […]

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