May 23, 2022
J.T. Nutt
Staff Writer

JT "the" Nutt graduated from UNI in 2006 and worked at WHO-TV for a few years including Soundoff. JT then spent the past five years covering UNI most recently for On Press Row. He works as a cameraman for the Iowa Wild, Iowa Energy, and Iowa Barnstormers. JT loves the Cubs, UNI, Avalanche, Chargers, beer, hockey, the WWE, and cat memes.

Figure it out.

February 10, 2022 J.T. Nutt 0

I love baseball. Always have. From the moment I started watching the Cubs on WGN as a kid, I was hooked. Loved playing. Loved going to games. One of the hardest parts of the pandemic […]

Recast Rewind: Training Day

October 8, 2021 J.T. Nutt 0

A classic hit, Training Day, was top of the box office during this week twenty years ago. I cover my thoughts and what it would look like if it was recast and released today! My […]

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