August 19, 2018
Emily Cornell
Staff Writer

Emily grew up in the great state of Colorado, then decided the University of Wyoming sounded like a good time. She’s a three-time University of Wyoming Intramural Champion, which truly contributed to the rec sports office. Since graduating, she has tried to figure out how not to become an adult. To fully commit to this, she’s a part-time cheesecake maker and a semi-pro adventurer. Her side hustle involves sports marketing. Sometimes she shares her unpopular opinions on sports and life, if this interests you, she can be found on Twitter and Instagram like a true millennial @emilproblems.

Mt. Rushmore: Wyoming Cowboys

June 19, 2018 Emily Cornell 0

Several miles north of the Colorado state line sits the small town of Laramie. In this town, a university offers the only public four-year education in the state, as well as the only D1 athletics […]

WYMAT: This is America

May 30, 2018 Emily Cornell 0

What a time we’re living in to witness some really historic feats. LeBron James carrying the Cavaliers, North Korea “destroying” their nuclear test sites, the government issuing 15,000 seasonal visas for folks working for at-risk […]

Not Feelin’ Pretty

May 7, 2018 Emily Cornell 0

I Feel Pretty has been out a few weeks now, so I don’t feel like I’ll be spoiling much (not that I would be in general, it’s a fairly basic movie).

Binge ‘On My Block’ ASAP

April 10, 2018 Emily Cornell 0

If you haven’t watched On My Block, you’re missing out. Hopefully, I can convince you to drop everything and go watch it. Then go tell your friends to watch it. Every once in a while I […]

Why Sports

January 24, 2018 Emily Cornell 0

Anyone who has ever interacted with me probably knows I love sports. Some even ask “Why sports?”

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