July 15, 2024
Emily Cornell
Emily Cornell
Staff Writer

Emily grew up in the great state of Colorado, then decided the University of Wyoming sounded like a good time. Since graduating, she has tried to figure out how not to become an adult. To fully commit to this, she’s a part-time cheesecake maker and a semi-pro adventurer. Sometimes she shares her unpopular opinions on sports and life, if this interests you, she can be found on Twitter and Instagram like a true millennial @emilproblems.

Mount Rushmore: Millennial Things

July 7, 2022 Emily Cornell 0

Millennials are going through it, folks. And if you don’t believe me, this Mount Rushmore of millennial ~things~ may convince you. Not Owning a House No, our avocado toast isn’t why we can’t afford a […]

Sports & Corks 4.01: New Year, Same Skepticism

January 21, 2022 Emily Cornell 0

Emily and Emily are back! Happy New Year! They gift you a quick rundown of sports with some wine picks and hot takes sprinkled in. Emily Twitter – https://twitter.com/emilproblems Sports & Corks Twitter – https://twitter.com/sportsandcorks The Tailgate […]

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