May 24, 2019
David Graf
Staff Writer

David is an Arkansas native and made stops in California and Texas. He has settled in Laramie, Wyoming to finish his undergraduate degree in Journalism at the University of Wyoming. He believes that the Justin Verlander, Deshaun Watson, and James Harden trades are the heists of the 21st Century. You may state your case if you disagree with him on Twitter @mrdavidgraf

Vlad Jr. Is On The Board

May 15, 2019 David Graf 0

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is the ultra-hyped, consensus number one overall prospect in Major League Baseball. He rose to the top spot by raking against Minor League pitching and showing prodigious power. By now, you’ve probably […]

It’s Dame Time

April 24, 2019 David Graf 0

If you fell asleep early last night, you missed one of the greatest series ending shots in NBA history. It was Dame Time. That dagger into every Oklahoma City Thunder fan’s heart was Damian Lillard’s […]

Part 1: Who’s the NBA MVP?

January 11, 2019 David Graf 0

The NBA season just reached the halfway point, with every team now having played at least 40 games. It’s been a thrilling campaign so far, and, with only a few weeks of NFL left, people […]

Punter Michael Dickson Exceeds the Hype

September 17, 2018 David Graf 0

Michael Dickson is the only reason to watch Seattle Seahawk games this season. Watching Russell Wilson dodge defenders and make spectacular throws to no-name receivers doesn’t matter when the defense can’t stop anyone. This is […]

Pour One Out for Dwight Howard

June 22, 2018 David Graf 0

On the eve of the NBA Draft, Dwight Howard was traded to the Brooklyn Nets for a sum that makes the washing machine that the Kentucky Colonels got for Monix in Semi-Pro look like a haul. […]

Mount Rushmore: NBA Draft Busts

June 21, 2018 David Graf 0

It is Thursday, June 21st, and tonight is the NBA Draft. “Experts” will try to grade every single pick as it happens. Let’s be honest, though. No one can predict the future, so it really […]

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