October 14, 2019

Drunk Dialing 4.09: Slipperly when wet

September 23, 2019 Ted Flint 0

Drunk Dialing gives each and every listener a chance to become the star of the show. Typically Ted takes to Twitter to establish a weekly theme which has included such off-season topics as ‘Scary Stories’, […]

Getting Over: AEW Dynamite Review

October 11, 2019 Jason Mitchell 0

Sometimes the simplest metrics are the best. Above all else, I’d argue, pro wrestling is supposed to be fun. By that measure, AEW Dynamite has been wildly successful through its first two weeks. Pretty much […]

The Proposal

October 9, 2019 Emily Cornell 0

Should you choose to propose to someone at a sporting event, just know I am judging you but I do wish you all the happiness with your partner. […]

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