July 9, 2020

Matinee Baseball: Mystery, Alaska

March 26, 2020 Ted Flint 0

If you love baseball, or movies, or perhaps even just nostalgia, this podcast will help you get through the dog days of summer and the baseball season. Ted Flint is here to help you relive […]

Taylor Evolves Again

March 26, 2020 Emily Cornell 0

You got nothing but time, so why not watch a documentary. People love documentaries. Taylor Swift and Netflix did what they do and dropped a documentary about none other than Taylor Swift (saving narcissism for […]

Create with the Gate

July 6, 2020 Ted Flint 0

Hello, Ted Flint here! With our four year anniversary right around the corner and with tailgate season starting soon, we’re looking for folks interested in joining The Tailgate Society. Members of The Tailgate Society are […]

Culture Check 1.13: ‘Malcolm X’

July 6, 2020 Emily Cornell 0

Culture Check revisits pop culture, everything from books to movies and everything in between. Arnold Woods and Emily Cornell begin a new chapter of Culture Check discussing performances from Black actors and actresses. They kick off […]

Dinner and a Movie with The Moons

July 2, 2020 Ryan Moon 0

After a June vacation, we are back and celebrating the 4th of July! On this month’s Dinner and a Movie with the Moons, we review the ultimate 4th of July film, Independence Day, and share […]

What a Long, Strange Trip

June 24, 2020 Levi Denny 0

This week, body care company North Coast Organics introduced a Grateful Dead line of deodorant. It will presumably enable you to bring your favorite smells of bong resin and grilled cheese sandwiches to the office […]

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