May 26, 2024

Big Game Degenerate Energy!

The world's largest sports book at Circa in Las Vegas.

It’s been a year since I’ve check in and I apologize for that, but we’re about to win a whole boatload of money! If memory serves, I led you all straight into a bear trap and we got eaten alive last year, so lets leave that in the rearview and recognize that we’re all a year wiser and smarter now!

As always, shop for you the best lines available to capitalize on your earnings and not all action is available (legally) in all markets so bet responsibly! I haven’t shopped every single book this year, because while I love you all, it’s exhausting to scroll 12 apps and books worth of props. Circa has some of the best available lines for a ton of this action so check there for a lot of the lines. That being said, let’s dive head first into this money pool!

Coin flip: Heads +100: Tails is bringing in a ton of money this year as it always does and I’ve been burnt on it too much lately and I won’t let them do it to me again.

National Anthem under 2 minutes 7 seconds +145: I’m going against the grain here. There’s a ton of analysis that Chris Stapleton is the heart and soul singer that’s going to push it longer. The time itself is a higher threshold than usual and he’s gonna belt it. But we gotta get this show on the road.

1st kickoff a touchback, Yes -145: This is better value than we got last year and I have no doubt this bad boy is flying out the back of the endzone.

Jalen Hurts 1st completion under 10.5 -125: It’s the Super Bowl. We aren’t getting crazy, just like any other game the first drive or two is running script plays, we’ll have a slant, a screen, a quick 4 yard out just to get the boys going. Easy money.

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Shortest TD Over 1.5 yards +160: Cannot express how much it hurts to get burnt on this one every single year, but this year will not be that year! 2 YARD TDS OR BUST!

AJ Brown over 72.5 receiving yards -110: If you know me, you know how much this pains me. I love AJ with all my heart, and I’m still completely devastated that the Titans just shipped him out. But he’s been the absolute stud everyone knew he could be and I don’t see it stopping on Sunday.

Travis Kelce over 79.5 receiving yards -115: I’m not sure that the Chiefs will be full on taking care of business this week and Kelce is definitely Ol Reliable here. If you aren’t sold on the yards, his reception totals I think will be a decent play as well. If the chiefs are down, they feed Kelce, somehow a guy with a Hall of Fame career and reputation is still lost by defenses every other play.

Any player to record 150 receiving yards OR 150 rushing yards +350: Full disclosure, I won’t be betting this but it’s a little tasty in case one of these receiving guys get really hot, or hell maybe Miles Sanders has himself a day!

OCTOPUS BET (any player to score a TD and the following 2pt conversion) +1350: I mean, why the hell not

Punt God Bet, any punt downed/fair caught/out of bounds inside the 5 +225: I live in Iowa, there were jokes (or I hope they were jokes) about Tory Taylor going 1st round this year.

Gatorade color poured on the winning coach, Orange -110/Yellow +210/Blue +550/Purple +800: I don’t condone this, but if you do, go Blue.

If the Chiefs win will Andy Reid be doused in BBQ sauce? Yes +1600: This is only available on Bovada, and if you have an account there and you be this, send me a picture of the bet slip and I’ll buy you a beer and a shot.

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Rihanna 1st song: Don’t Stop the Music +100, Diamonds +300, Where Have You Been +450, Umbrella +500, Lift Me Up +550, Work +800, We Found Love +800: The props on this year’s halftime show are not nearly as fun as last year but this is a spicy one. Patrick Mahomes did some sucking up this week saying his favorite Rihanna song is “Umbrella” so do what you will with that information.

That’s about all I really have this year. There’s plays and cross-sports parlays and madness left and right if you’re really looking for it and send me what you think is wrong or what you think is actually an absolute lock for the game, I love a good squad ride! I’ll also be riding Eagles -1.5 and GO BIRDS!!!!

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