May 21, 2024

Mount Rushmore: My Sneakers

The following list is not the Mount Rushmore of all sneakers. I am far too new to the shoe game to be an authority on that, and style is so subjective. Instead, this is the Mount Rushmore of sneakers I, personally, own. After you check it out, share yours! Tweet the sneaker monument in your closet to @tgatesociety.

Nicole Gustafson | The Tailgate Society

Nike Air Force 1 Valentine’s Day Love Letter

This is the first L I ever took on the SNKRS app. I knew going in that my odds of getting a pair were bad, but I was still surprised at how much it stung. I talked a big, principled game about how I would accept my loss and move on. But then I kept coming back to all the little details. The heart-shaped hole punches. The Nike tag with the heart-dotted letter i. I fell hard for these shoes. So hard, in fact, that I could not stop myself from buying them from a resale site. Worth it!

Nicole Gustafson | The Tailgate Society

Jordan 1 Mid in iridescent teal and black

I found these on back stock when I first decided to collect a few sneakers. I love the iridescent teal color so much and the sparkly blue sole is a nice touch too.

Nicole Gustafson | The Tailgate Society

Nike SB Dunk High Hawaii

This list is based on what I like, not what gets the most hype, but sometimes those things are the same. These truly unique shoes have a cool flower pattern and a design underneath, which reveals itself over time as the top layer wears away. It looks to have some bright orange, which is visible underneath the off-white on top. 

Nicole Gustafson | The Tailgate Society

Jordan 1 Retro High Tie Dye

I wasn’t sure which shoe should round out my Mount Rushmore so I went with one I wore on a special occasion. I recently went to my first WNBA game and I had courtside seats so I had to pick a good pair. I chose these, stuck my We Are BG pin on them, and saw the first triple-double in Minnesota Lynx history. They’ve got a little magic!

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