July 15, 2024

Let them drink

Mr. Pollard, can I call you Jamie? I am going to call you Jamie and if that results in me getting blocked for a third time, well, I guess it was a long time coming. You love talking about Iowa State athletics and building the best centers, training facilities, and program, but then you go and you say we don’t have money. It is time to get off your high horse, Jamie, and let the fans drink inside the stadium.

Let me tell you something about Iowa State football fans. Spoiler alert: we like to drink. A LOT. So when I see the team out east making 3 million extra dollars by letting its fans drink during all the sporting events, when I see Drake making their home basketball games a party by selling booze, all I can think of is how Iowa State is leaving money on the table. Can they really afford to do that at this point?

Heemsbergen, Gerrit C

What I am trying to say, Jamie, is show me on the doll where the booze hurt you. Sorry, sorry that was too mean. Maybe show me on this doll where Black Velvet hurt you. Sorry again too specific. My brother in Christ, Cyclones fans, hell, Iowans, are going to drink during the game. I have brought a gallon of Apple Pie into a game with me. Wouldn’t you rather have everybody with a nice, expensive beer instead of fans of a concerning array of ages sneaking in straight-up bottles of hard liquor because it’s an easier task? You could charge us 10 dollars a pop for a tall boy of Busch Light. It is so simple yet you continue to ignore it because we will get too drunk, we will do stupid shit, etc. Jamie, we are Iowa State fans: if we could stop doing stupid shit we would stop being Iowa State fans. So instead of letting us do stupid shit on our own, you could change a policy and make going to games even more fun and find us doing slightly less stupid shit AND make some money off of it to reach your goals. Do you not see bars selling out of Busch Light whenever we go to a bowl? This isn’t a tough concept.

One last thing: Hilton Magic with beer available would be undefeated, just saying. Also, bring back the old lights at Hilton and move the students closer again.

Please don’t block me again, Jamie. I’m just trying to help.


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