April 17, 2024

No baseball? No problem.

Six silver-linings to a potentially lost season.

While I’m optimistic there will be a baseball season at some point this summer, none of us knows what exactly that will look like and how it may change how we feel about America’s pastime. Personally, I’m not sure how ecstatic I may be to support a league that has spat in the face of it’s devoted fans this spring.

No season means a lot of negative for a lot of innocent people, in the spirit of being optimistic I’ve compiled a list of some silver-linings that come with having no baseball season in 2022 (or if there is one but you’ve decided to boycott.)

  1. More free time As someone who once had the luxury of being able to schedule everything (errands, appointments, dates) around Yankees games (and gladly did) I can’t imagine the new hobbies I would have picked up or old hobbies I would have revisited if a season had been cancelled.

    Look, it’s going to be the most normal summer since 2019, think of no baseball as having 500 extra hours to enjoy it!

  2. Pick up a new sport May I suggest soccer? I’ve already told you why it’s the best sport but the European Premier League and Major League Soccer are both in full swing already so there’s no waiting. Want more access to your favorite USWNT members? The NWSL gets started soon as well. It’s the most popular sport in the world and it’ll get you ready and even more amped for the World Cup this November.

  3. Angel Hernandez can’t ruin your day Yay mental health! Let’s just hope Angel and C.B. don’t take up umpiring your slow-pitch league for some extra cash.

  4. Minor League Baseball is still on! If you really can’t stomach the idea of no baseball, take that energy and invest it in your favorite team’s minor league affiliates. This is highly-competitive baseball with players who still have a love for the game that arguably is missing from the majors. Bonus points if you live in or near a team and can support the smaller city and their economy.

  5. Saved money When is saving money not a good thing? Whether it be tickets, parking, a MLB.tv subscription, or team merchandise you’ll probably bank a little cash at some point due to lack of baseball.

  6. Job security Ever worry your boss is going to catch you streaming that afternoon rubber-match on company time? Not this year!

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