April 17, 2024

Who is going to step up…

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We need a hero, yeah I know this is dumb, and I hate myself for writing it. But I am so damn tired of the national media jerking their egos to the thought of the Big 12 dying. Most of all the Andy Staples and Stewart Mandels of the world. Remember when the Athletic started and the whole thing was about how we the people paid them not the schools, blah blah blah, they weren’t going to be the ESPN of the worlds. Well if that is the case why are they FUCKING carrying water for ESPN?

Is it too much to ask for just one, ONE damn national media member to write a piece about how this is terrible for the sport and how the remaining eight teams have value? Or, how about how the effects on Big 12 college towns and the businesses there if the remaining eight teams stop being important? How hard is this? I mean have a backbone. All these guys write about college football but none of em fucking act like they give a shit that the sport and traditions you grew up watching will die.

I know this is going to come off as I am “butthurt” or a “snowflake”, and I am not talking about Twitter threads. (How brave of you to tweet something, though!) I want you to put your damn name on a byline and stand for something. The same people who cry about print media dying are the same people jerking it to the death of this conference. Spare me the Big 12 has only been around a couple of decades bullshit, or whatever excuse you are getting from the teat of the Worldwide Leader.

Once again, I am just asking, hoping, for someone to nut up to ESPN and the SEC and write a good article about how this will likely kill the current iteration of the sport. Since it wont be me – we all know I am a terrible writer – I know it’s a lost cause because no one has the sack to do this. But maybe someone, a hero our there will prove me wrong.

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