June 15, 2024

The Too Much Hype List

The Too Much Hype List is a periodic installment of things in media that have gotten hyped too hard, and thus I am avoiding for stubbornness reasons. However, this is all just opinion and should be treated as such, and you should absolutely enjoy them if you want.

Look, it’s not him. He’s soulful, talented musical perfection. I’m sure the new album would echo down the hollers of my soul like a mudslide and take out everything in its path, but I’m not strong enough. I don’t have the mental fortitude for a good bluegrass album at this point in my life and IDK if that means I need therapy or a bottle of whiskey in a pick-up bed under the stars while the music plays. I’m going to listen to this whole album at some point in the near future. Just not yet.

  • Spiderman: No Way Home Trailer

I’m comic book movie’d out. This is apparently a sequel to Spiderman Returns? I’m just not interested enough to give it three minutes because I know I’m going to end up half-ass watching it while I do internet things at some point. But here’s the trailer for you, because TGS readers are awesome enough to google a little for.

  • The NFL Preseason

NFL Preseason games are basically football fan ASMR at this point. Does it matter what’s going on down there on the field other than that people are getting reps? Not really. Are we learning anything useful? Probably not. Are there football noises coming from the TV right about the time I’m getting sleepy? Fuck yes. So, enjoy your click NFL, I’m not paying attention to this but damn is it nice to have the soothing sounds of pads popping and a color commentator making bad analogies in my ear again.

  • Ted Lasso

I know. We’re on season two. I could theoretically catch up in a weekend, I know it’s enjoyable, I know it’s right down my alley. I’ve seen the clips, read the think pieces, been urged to watch by friends, and I just…can’t. It’s like how Ted Flint has been asking me to watch a movie for several years and I haven’t done that either. It’s like sharing in nice things culture and building those points of contact with others over wholesome cultural touchstones is tougher than usual for some reason. I bet there’s a show that could help me work through those feelings.

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