June 12, 2024

Old Man’s Strength 2.14 Carson King

 Tim and Chris sit down with Carson King to talk about what he is up to now days.  They talk about that famous day when his phone started to blow up with Busch Light money and turned into a 3 million dollar donation to Stead Family Hospital.  Oh, and a reminder how old Chris really is…

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Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson 37 Articles
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A native Iowan, Tim has spent the better part of the last two decades in Minnesota. With degrees from the College of Design at Iowa State and the Graduate School of Management at Hamline University, he has done everything from graphic design to cognitive neuroscience research. Most recently he was Head Brewer at Badger Hill Brewing in Shakopee, MN. When not cracking wise on the internets, Tim enjoys hanging out with his daughter and experiencing the outdoors.

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