July 15, 2024

Bachelor Recap: A Night of Finascos

Your weekly Bachelor recap bought to you by…

Me, Jacqueline!

First things first: Sorry I was absent last week. I was very busy and distracted, and I missed my opportunity to discuss champagne gate.

BUT, the drama is just getting good.

Champagne Gate: The Resolution

I was rooting for Kelsey. Truly. Simply because I hate Hannah Ann (I’m not sorry). I wanted to feel like I could relate to Kelsey in that moment as she had her giant meltdown because I, too, have many times been a drunk girl blowing something completely out of proportion and hysterically crying.

However, Kelsey ruined all her chances when the show brought us the friendly conversation where they finally discuss what went down and make their apologies.

Do I believe Hannah Ann genuinely didn’t know? Yes. I really do think that she didn’t know it was Kelsey’s bottle, but she is rude. Telling someone you’ve acknowledged their feelings so let’s move on is aggressive.

All in all, nobody actually apologized. Kelsey ultimately didn’t even care about champagne (?), and Hannah Ann’s fake tears were comical.

From the season promo, we see Kelsey and Hannah Ann will be traveling with Peter, so it appears they’re unfortunately sticking around for a while. I just hope next time they’re at the heart of the drama it’s as funny as watching Kelsey have cheap champagne she’s pretending to enjoy blow up in her face.

One-on-One Date: Victoria P.

The cowboy date was interesting. I wish they would’ve done things a little different because going to a western store to shop for stereotypical outfits to go to a line dancing bar seemed cliche. Of course, this is the Bachelor, and I should really get over it.

Anyways, the bar itself seemed fun, and Peter was his relaxed, goofy, and awkward self. I appreciated that there were actual people around them instead of a band awkwardly playing a private show.

When they transition to their dinner portion of the date, they’re “eating” a private dinner surrounded by planes.

DID YA KNOW? Peter is a pilot!

What Victoria shared was heartbreaking, and she was really vulnerable. I truly wonder how it feels to do this process because, as a contestant, you really have to just throw it out there in the most random times. That said, Peter’s behavior during this date made me actually forget what Victoria even shared with Peter. I was so focused on his lack of just getting to know these girls. I feel like Peter doesn’t actually ask deep questions or carry much of a serious conversation. It’s a Chris Soules vibe where all he seems to do is say something along the lines of “I support you, I’m here for you,” and then makes out with them.

All I know is that Victoria is a nurse and apparently Peter finds her very comforting because he trusted her opinion during the Alayah pool drama. We’ll discuss that later.

Group date: Pillow fight with Demi

I want to start by saying that Demi is someone who grew on me. I didn’t love her at the beginning of Colton’s season, but who loves the “villain” of the season right away?

Her time on Paradise and as Hannah B’s partner in crime was great. Having her plan a date for Peter? That’s weird.

Demi and Hannah are literally best friends so how does it make sense that she comes back for her “good friend” Peter (AKA Hannah’s ex-boyfriend that she is very clearly not over)?

Producers need to let her go. She did her time and made us laugh. She doesn’t really fit in this narrative anymore.

So, with that, Demi set a weird tone as we watched these girls pillow fight their way to Peter’s heart *eye roll*. There was no actual rules to follow, no actual end goal except “where’s the drama” because having Alayah and Sydney wrestle each other twice was clearly always the end goal.

Who is Alayah?

I am not kidding when I say that I didn’t recognize her for half this date. I am someone who studies and looks up the girls before the show with my best friend for fun. I thought I knew who she was, but in this episode I had trouble keeping track. It’s wild how she legit looks like ten different people throughout one episode because during the kitchen scene I legit considered the thought that this was just another girl who was forgotten having her moment.

“Do you, like, work at all?”

We don’t watch this show because we actually care if someone gets the ring in the end. Ultimately, we’re here to be entertained. We like the drama, everyone!

I’ve seen girls fight over everything under the moon on this show, and Sydney straight up calling out Alayah to her face during the cocktail portion of the group date had me DYING. Has to be one of the greatest confrontations.

Alayah’s response? I understand that confrontation had to have felt so awkward, but she honestly seemed like she was high. Her extremely defensive behavior didn’t help her case, and her horrible attempt to get fake tears out made her look not good.

POWER MOVE of the date: Sydney receiving the group date rose. What a slap in the face to Alayah. I would legit excuse myself after that. Peter clearly does NOT know how to handle drama. Him making that move? Sure it was great TV, but, as Alayah, I would never vibe with him the same again.

Pool parties are NEVER a good time

If there is anything I’ve learned it’s that when a pool party is scheduled…DRAMA IS COMING.

Not a single girl left the party with wet hair. I don’t think anyone actually ever stepped foot in the pool.

The most disappointing thing about this pool party wasn’t even that there was this one situation that was the focus because that happens a lot. Whatever drama is going on for the day dictates a cocktail party or pool party or whatever. It’s that Peter used this time to personally interrogate all the girls about what he should do about Alayah being accused of being here for the wrong reasons. It’s such a disservice to the girls.

Peter is starting to lose his shine

Peter has obviously never been the Bachelor before so this is all very new to him. I was his biggest fan when he was announced the lead. I have been referring to him as “sweet prince” since probably top five of Hannah’s season.

But he’s starting to really let me down and here’s why:

  • The red flags really started when he asked Hannah B. to join his group of girls with the potential of winning his heart at the end. YIKES.
  • Peter is a flight risk: Any difficult situation that comes about, he dips out. A lead is here to find their spouse and all that fun stuff, right? But there is still a need to keep the order and make sure that things are being addressed and solved or just sending girls home if there can’t be a solution. He straight up just leaves or cancels events and dates at the expense of everyone else.
  • THE BIGGEST thing that has been the ultimate turnoff was the way he put Sydney on blast in front of ALL the girls and basically forced her to call out Alayah in that setting. Why did nobody give Peter a crash course on girl drama or how to handle confrontation? That was completely mishandled. Sure, Sydney, had no issue doing it but if it would’ve been anyone else it would’ve been so uncomfortable. I’ve always disliked when leads do this. Sometimes your people just want to confide in you and don’t always want it to be announced. Do I want the drama? Yes, but his behavior leading up to this point didn’t help my distaste for how he handles conflict. There’s really no reason to have spent the entire pool party on a witch hunt only to ultimately let the girls decide for him what seems to turn into a mistake because we see Peter questioning what he had done. Did he even know Alayah?
  • Peter has expressed his feelings for majority of the girls in the same exact way. Like literally, I think he’s used the same words in different ways to tell these girls he’s starting to really like them and it’s only week three. We should start a count of how many girls Peter will end up telling he loves them. My guess is probably six.

An ode to mispronounced words

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